Life Giving Leadership

By Pastor Daryl Largis The Church, or as it is described in Scripture as “the body of Christ,” is like no other expression that has ever existed. It gets its purpose and being from Christ himself. It is a unified expression of the direct handiwork of God, to be guided by the Spirit for the […]

International Students, Inc. Christmas Dinner Hosting Opportunity

Students from all over the world who attend colleges/universities in the Buffalo area are signing up to have Christmas dinner with a local family!  Please prayerfully consider inviting an international student to join you for Christmas dinner.  This is a great opportunity to share the true meaning of Christmas with an international student!  If you have […]

Generous Leadership

By Pastor Daryl Largis Most of us have heard and even read writings about being a humble leader, a servant leader, a compassionate leader or even a principle-based leader. Assuming these titles emanate from a gospel-based center, they do indeed represent worthy facets of leadership that can inform and enlighten how we lead ourselves and […]