Who is the Servant of the Lord?

by Pastor Daryl Largis Have you ever asked yourself the following question: Who is a servant of the Lord? We might be persuaded to say that it is a person working fulltime in ministry in a local church in some capacity. Surely, they would be a servant of the Lord, if anybody was such a […]

Transformation Mongolia | The Battle of the Kingdoms!

by Axel Fischer Mongolia was once the biggest Kingdom of this earth, but today it is a developing Nation striving to get back on its feet. To reach success some Mongolians seek within their roots the secret power of Genghis Khan, others seek the money matrix of modern materialism, while others are so devastated and […]

Church Planting Update | Missio Church, Syracuse, NY

We continue to be greatly encouraged and strengthened by the friendship, partnership and support of the people and leadership of The Chapel. We wanted to give you a brief update about some things that are happening in Syracuse, NY. Missio Church We continue to see growth in the local church. In October, we went to […]