A Thank You Note from Anne Aldin, La Voix de l’Evangile

Dear Partner in Christ,

My hearty thanks to you for your gift to the Mission for my ministry with the Voice of the Gospel in France.

Pray with us that the biblical messages will go out via our French radio stations and reach many people, so they can write for a book, brochure or for Bible courses. Our goal is that many may come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ, and accept Him as Lord and Savior.

France is in a critical situation right now. Many are without work, prices and taxes are going up and factories and shops are moving out. We pray that God will give us the opportunity to reach them with the gospel.

This month we will have our General Assembly. May God be glorified by the reports and activities of the past year.

Thanks for helping me financially and praying for me. I do appreciate it very much.

In Christian love,