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An update from Saturation Church Planting

Saturation Church Planting (SCP) exists to see every man, woman and child presented with the repeated opportunity to come to faith in Christ. Our strategy to do this is threefold: Antioch Networks, Leadership Development, and People Mobilization.

Our global involvement extends from the Western Hemisphere where we work with partnering resource churches in the US, to Latin America, the furthest reaches of Asia and to India. There we are envisioning leaders not only to evangelize their nation, but also to reach surrounding countries as well.


Antioch Network models the biblical concept that we read about in Acts of seeing the Church scattered and externally focused to reach geographical areas with the message of the gospel. All the church networks that we work with are seeking to implement these values as they partner with other existing bodies of believers. Our western partners in the US continue to further the vision in new areas and plan to expand throughout this next year by envisioning and training new leaders.

Much groundwork has been laid establishing networks with partnering churches in Latin America over the past 18 months. We continue our existing efforts in the Caribbean and have begun work in Central America where we aim to have a team established toward the saturation of that region which encompasses 45 million people between seven target nations. We also hope to begin to build the larger Latin American team, one that would begin to take responsibility for the vision among 450 million people in that region. Later this year we will bring strategic leaders together in one place and begin laying out the vision with them.

On the other side of the globe, developing the Antioch Church Network in Asia has been largely focused on India where we have been deeply vested as an organization for the past 20 years. In India, there are 11 church networks in eight states. Leaders from each of these networks meet every six months to share their strategies, cross pollinate ideas, and investigate how to target new areas together. Steps are being taken to build a national team that will represent and assist these networks as they grow and extend the vision in each of their respective areas. Part of this year’s budget is designated to see this team equipped to carry the SCP vision in India and to neighboring nations.


The next step to help Indian church planting leaders develop in their vision for evangelizing their nation is a program that gathers the main, influential church network leaders together for training and envisioning. Ten times over the course of the next two years, we will rotate gathering these leaders together in India or bringing them to Thailand where they spend time being developed in their calling and leadership giftedness. An emphasis on equipping others with the Word of God and independent coursework between sessions makes for an intensive practical program, which they are dedicatedly completing.

This Asian Leadership Institute (ALI) is training these men through corporate time together as well as mentorship from our team. We visit them regularly to encourage implementation of the training they are receiving in their networks of churches. With joy, we can report that the gospel is going forth with great receptivity into a nation of 1.3 billion people. If ever there was a time to reap a harvest, it is now, and our Indian brothers are being faithful to that calling. They are committing their lives to seeing their county saturated with the transforming message of the gospel.


In the history of the Church, India has never before seen such a rapid rate of growth as we are experiencing today. While this is exciting to witness, the unprecedented speed at which churches are growing presents a unique challenge to national leaders as they purpose to disciple new believers and help them grow in their new faith. Part of our mission is to train leaders in discipling and mobilizing believers and using whatever means necessary to reach the unreached. Due to the fact that 70% of Indian believers are illiterate, the methods for discipleship have to be creative! Last year, we were able to provide 230 audio Bibles to house churches, blind schools and unreached villages in India. These devices are solar powered which makes the maintenance of the device cost-free for these impoverished people. We have since heard many testimonies of the gospel widely being accepted as the audio Bibles are shared among neighbors and schools. One man suffering from tormenting demonic forces was given a Bible. He would listen to God’s Word whenever he was attacked and the dark presence would leave him. His whole family has now made professions of faith and been baptized because they have seen firsthand the power of God’s Word!

We are seeing such receptivity through the distribution of these Bibles that we are hoping to provide audio Bibles for the 1,250 house churches within these networks this year to further advance the good news to those who cannot read themselves.

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