Bible Studies and their Leaders/International Students, Inc.

Praise God that “Lin” is meeting weekly with her one co-worker for Bible study.  The other co-worker ended up not being able to make it—do pray for both these co-workers, that God will continue to draw them to Himself.  Pray also for wisdom for “Lin” as she leads the Bible study and as God uses her to minister to these women.

Please pray for “Dino” who is starting a Bible study with his believing Mother and other friends and family in his homeland.  Pray specifically for a softening of “Dino’s” father’s heart, and that his father will want to be involved with the Bible study.

Rejoicing in God’s goodness to us and in His working in lives to transform them into His true followers, and thanking Him for providing us with brothers and sisters in Christ (YOU!) who uplift us in prayer.
Don & Ruth Manta