Cru Update

by Michael Ramos

For both Amy and I, it was the challenge of a “project” that God used to guide us into full time missions. A friend asked if we wanted to spend a week growing in our faith and also learn how to share with others on how they could come to know Christ. The “growing in our faith” part was a definite, but the “sharing our faith” part was something that initially we both thought we could skip. Well I can tell you, Cru doesn’t let you skip!

Similar to our experience for the past five weeks more than five thousand college students, Christians being discipled by a Cru staff member, went to Panama City, Florida with a desire to grow in their faith and spend their spring break guiding students to the truth of Jesus Christ. See the statistics below: 


Cru helps to ground the foundational truths of the Bible into the lives of students wherever they will go after college. Projects like this one give believers the opportunity to have open experiences and conversations about who they are in Christ and teaches how to effectively guide people to an understanding of the truth of the gospel.

Our roles in Cru are to provide ongoing personal development and biblical training because some of these students will join staff and our ministry is to resource them well in order to keep them solid in the mission field.

We don’t expect every student to go into full time ministry, but we do hope and expect that they will seek out a church whatever career path God leads them into. And more so, that they will engage and commit themselves to that fellowship with the tools and resources that Cru has provided and help build a legacy of spiritual multiplication.