Destination Hua Hin, Thailand

Daryl Largis, Co-Pastor for Mission Advancement

I recently participated in a first-of-its-kind gathering. While looking around the room it may have seemed nothing out of the ordinary, but upon further inspection it was extraordinary and something only God could orchestrate. For you see, represented at the table were entire nations, vast geographies and peoples in whom God is working to complete the task, His task, His mission.  While not every nation in the world was present, this particular gathering was a declaration that the global church under the Lordship of Jesus Christ exists and is awakening to fulfill its destiny to be fully engaged with the Missio Dei. Leaders from the Russian-speaking world, Argentina, India, Ethiopia, the Caribbean, America as well as the Turkish-speaking countries of the Middle East spent five days together praying, learning, encouraging and equipping one another. Specifically on the agenda for this gathering was a time of intentional learning and dialogue on the Trinitarian nature of God (theological), as well as resolving conflict in a biblical manner (leadership), in addition to a personal growth/development component (spiritual formation). It is also the intent of these gatherings that the content presented would be woven into the fabric of the leadership environments each of the participants find themselves in the countries they represent. Future gatherings will continue to emphasize each of these three key areas: theological, leadership and spiritual formation.

While the task of demonstrating and proclaiming the gospel in the places represented at this gathering is in varying stages of initiation and completion, the goal is the same—to see all of Christ’s people in these countries mobilized for the full evangelization of these nations which collectively represent well over two billion people.  These leaders belong to The Global Fellowship, and it is under that banner this gathering took place. The Global Fellowship is simply, yet profoundly, a collective of individuals in whom God is working to lead in beginning to catalyze and facilitate national movements of the gospel.  Each member of this Fellowship is committed to that end based upon biblical principles as to what God expects for His Church and therefore the lives of Christ’s people. Furthermore, this Fellowship is committed to each other for support, encouragement and learning. In sum, this first broad gathering was a resounding success. We accomplished what we set out to do and will continue to gather twice per year so that these leaders can be further equipped, empowered and encouraged.

Your prayers are most welcome for through prayer God’s people around the world are mobilized, encouraged and emboldened to continue the journey in completing the task. These leaders carry much on their shoulders and our prayers need to be that God would provide all that they need as they faithfully fulfill their unique yet collective call.