Every Child

Every Child partners with the Potter’s Hands Donation Center to store and distribute new and gently used items for foster and adoptive families. EC and PH would like to express a very warm “thank you” to Shawn Pappas (photo above),  for all his incredible work at the donation center!

By Kara Marong

Children involved in the child welfare system often find themselves face to face with loss, pain and trauma.  They enter foster care at no fault of their own, but rather as a result of the imminent risk of abuse or neglect in their family of origin.  Children entering care need to be placed with families who will love them unconditionally, as well as provide a safe and nurturing environment for them to heal, grow, and foster resilience.

The focus of the Every Child Ministry is to care for every child within our reach, both locally and globally.  Since its inception, Every Child has blessed and provided children in need of care and their families with a glimmer of hope and light, as Christ provides to each of us.

The creation of the Every Child Ministry was God’s way of laying a path for us to follow for finding children we can adopt. It gave us a way to start a family that was beyond what we were able to do by ourselves. We now have a great relationship with Gateway-Longview. Not only are we able to have opportunities to impact children, but we are finding opportunities to show God’s love to people in a way that proves there is a much bigger picture to foster care than many may realize.   ~Stephanie S.

Through Every Child:

  • Twenty-four Every Child families have opened their arms to children in need of temporary and permanent families.
  • Dozens of children and birth parents are witnessing love and the example of Christ.
  • Prayer and love has been showered upon children, foster/adoptive families, and birth parents.

It has been an amazing experience being linked with Every Child Ministry.  Opening our home to fostering has been one of the most difficult things we have ever done. It is wonderful knowing people are praying for us and willing to help us when we need it.  Many times we have been brought so low in our own strength and we know it has been God that has sustained us.  We are incredibly thankful for the prayers of the faithful supporters through the Every Child Ministry.

  • Foster families have been blessed with the support of babysitting, transportation and warm meals during the most difficult times and adjustments.

Our family has been blessed in so many ways both by volunteering with Every Child Ministry and receiving help from volunteers that lovingly helped our family with transportation, respite care and tutoring. Our sincere thanks to all for all they do! It is so wonderful to see the Church coming alongside families in so many helpful ways! We are all called to do something for the defenseless.  We love to see this in action in our community! If you haven’t gotten involved yet . . . there is a need you can fill, no matter how great or small it may seem!  -Donna 

  • Gift cards have supported families with increasing gas and food costs associated with providing foster care.

One of the most significant factors in predicting the success of a foster/adoptive parent is the amount of support surrounding the family.  Every Child has provided support in so many tangible, emotional and spiritual ways above and beyond what our agency can provide.  We are so grateful for the support and ongoing collaboration, which continues to positively impact the lives of children and their families!  Thank you!   ~Kara M.  Gateway-Longview Supervisor of Homefinding 

  • New and gently used clothing, pajamas, coats, diapers, hygiene products, blankets, and bags are provided to children who often enter care with only the clothes on their back.

Every Child has been an asset and provided with the support of God’s love.  When I needed someone to help with babysitting, I was able to turn to Every Child and get help from a loving couple who are not only helping me out, but serving the Lord.   It has also given me an opportunity to give back through donations and to try to help out other families in the same situations I am in.  Every Child is a blessing and a true example of people coming together for God’s work.  ~Amanda 

  • New twin beds, bunk beds and cribs for children were donated to ensure they have a safe and comfortable place to rest their little heads.

Thank you Every Child for the donation of a bed for a little one!  Due to receiving the bed, the child is one step closer to returning to his father’s care.  Thank you for supporting birth parents in their efforts towards being reunited with their children permanently!  ~Kelsey J., Gateway-Longview Permanency Planner  

  • Cherished memories, love and family through Family Fun Events.

We have been extremely blessed by the Family Fest Events hosted by Every Child.  It is awesome to go to a safe environment where our kids can run around and have fun.  All the activities have been thoughtfully planned and are sensitive to the needs of all of our kids.  We are amazed by the amount of volunteers that give of their time and energy to put on these incredible events.  ~The V family

  • Staff at Gateway-Longview have also been blessed through encouraging words, prayer and even treated to lunch!

Working in the field of foster care and adoption can easily take an emotional toll on the well-being of staff.  The generosity and love shown through Every Child truly makes a world of difference in an often thankless line of work.  This in turn allows us to provide the best care possible to the children and families we serve.  We are so grateful! 

Bless all those who have been a part of this wonderful ministry and those who are called to do so in the future.

If you or someone you know would like to get involved with the Every Child Ministry, please visit www.every-child.com or email everychild@thechapel.com.