Meet me in Dubai February 2013

(Field Notes from Daryl Largis)

I recently had the privilege to participate in a first of its kind meeting in Dubai. Dubai as some of you can attest is an interesting eclectic amalgamation of the world poured onto an ancient Islamic tapestry yet with the flash, pomp and pizazz of the most contemporary. It is sparkling new, even brand new, while the history of the land can largely only be found on the faces of those dressed in Islamic tradition. This particular meeting was with the key leadership of the Global Fellowship ( There were national church leaders and those that influence them from India, USA, Ethiopia and the UAE.

Historically speaking these types of meetings though rare are not that uncommon in the church world. However, this was the first time this group of Christ-followers were together to pray for the world, their own countries, other countries and for themselves. Simply stated we prayed for God to further enable His Mission to go forth with increasing power through His people in the world. His Mission, as we know, is to see every man, woman, and child redeemed by accepting through faith the grace offered in Jesus Christ. Interestingly, for the first time in human history, there is a well-established global church under the Lordship of Jesus Christ and those that belong to it can actually begin to dream about completing the task that is and has been on God’s heart from eternity past. This meeting in Dubai was to affirm this mission and to collectively say as the Church, “We are in!” Now the task becomes how do we equip and empower all of God’s people so that they can be mobilized into this incredible mission. Accordingly, it is then incumbent upon the leadership to not just talk about what is needed but to be able to actually do it. Therefore, we will be meeting a couple of times during the year to invest in each other, to sharpen our own spiritual journeys, to hold each other accountable and to prayerfully strategize as to what needs to happen in our respective contexts as well as to discern where is God leading us next. Exciting times indeed! Thank you for your continued prayers as we step deeper into the Mission of God for not only our local, regional, national but also now to include the global realms.