Flourishing through the Storm: Israel Firstfruits

Greetings from Israel. Although it’s been an intense season, I pray this email finds you well. During these uncertain times, it can be easy to make room for fear and doubt. Yet we find courage knowing that the Lord our God is our firm foundation. Our destiny is guaranteed by His goodness and our identity is rooted in His love. It is my hope that this message will encourage you during this tough season.

Here in Israel, we, like most of you, are in mandated lockdown with everyone isolated in their homes. As a result, many of the people we serve are experiencing a significant amount of disruption and economic pain. In response to the growing need, Israel Firstfruits has been focusing on distributing important “how to” information for business owners and freelancers, reaching out to our local community with encouraging messages, and making ourselves available for counsel, prayer and support to those who ask for it.

We also want to extend prayer and support to our international community. Over the years, Firstfruits has developed a network of intercessors who are called to walk with and pray for those who serve in the marketplace. . . . We plan to continue sending updates, encouraging messages and biblical teachings over the next few weeks. Please stay in touch with us, let us know how you are doing and how we can serve you.

The Lord bless you – and may He protect and prosper you in and through this season.

[Editor’s Note: For information on the Israel Firstfruits intercessors network, please click here.]