Global Fellowship News from Central/South America

By Daryl Largis, Co-Pastor for Mission Advancement

If you are not familiar with the Global Fellowship, it is a joint effort birthed by a handful of ministries including The Chapel. Its mission is to cooperate with the Holy Spirit to create national movements of the gospel that saturate  entire geographies across the globe with the reality of Jesus Christ so that every man, woman, and child has repeated opportunities to hear, see, and respond to His incredible redemptive message. The Global Fellowship will facilitate, lead, and support this mission as churches and its leadership are invited to engage strategically in partnering with the indigenous Church in these places across the globe. The goal, based upon proven strategies and existing momentum, is to mobilize all of God’s people that are His Church under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

As a result of pursuing this mission and vision, God has brought many excellent leaders into our midst from all over the world—places like Africa, the Middle East, India and South America.  Accordingly, one of those leaders who we count as a friend and fellow laborer in the mission is Alex Belmar. You might remember Alex given he has visited The Chapel a couple of times over the past years. He is currently stationed in Argentina and is heading up a ministry called Presidir. He recently sent me an update on what God is doing as it relates to the Global Fellowship in Central and South America. As you read the following highlights, please pray for Alex and the work that God is doing in these places.

In Argentina, Alex was able to launch ten workshops in four different providences. The nation of Argentina is divided into providences and Alex is now present in four which comprises more than 50% of the national population. In these workshops, local church leaders are challenged to take a journey to discover the mission of God, the nature and purpose of the Church, the missional outcomes or values that need to be present and maturing in every Christ-follower. Four churches are on this journey. A handful of churches have completed the process and are taking other churches in their immediate geography through the same process. This work is slow and difficult given the history in Argentina but even so, it is most needed given the rapid secularization of the entire country over the past decades.

Alex was invited to share this vision in Uruguay which is a smaller country northeast of Buenos Aires across the river separating the two countries. Again, the work here will be challenging but there are a handful of churches who have signed onto completing the journey.

In Central America, Alex had the opportunity to cast vision for this mission in El Salvador and Honduras. Receptivity in both countries was solid and Alex was encouraged given the number of churches and leaders who expressed a desire to move forward. He will be working with those leaders in the next weeks to lay out a follow-up strategy in each country. It is likely that there will be at least two workshops active in these countries that involve many churches. God is good!

As I mentioned earlier, please be in prayer for Alex and his team. The work in South America and in Central America is difficult but it is where God has called him to be a voice to the indigenous Church so that they can reawaken and reimagine their divine nature and purpose in light of what God wants.