God’s Provision

Alice Murchie, SonRays Ministries

Since our early days (more than 37 years ago) with the local 700 Club, SonRays has continued to grow to be a powerful tool in the advancement of Kingdom principles. Our Father has chosen to have us minister to people of all ages, with special needs and a host of international families. We believe that in 2020 we will be training two missionaries from China to minister post-abortion healing to hundreds of women in that country who have suffered from the cruelty of a one child family policy. Pray that our steps continue to be ordered by the Lord, while we still have time.

SonRays has learned how to adapt and partner with other organizations to bring hope and healing in the midst of a pandemic. When The Chapel gave us paper products, we immediately took them to our single moms. We worked with Eight Days of Hope to deliver 40 bags of groceries to our families. The Teacher’s Desk donated books that we passed along to our families with young children so parents and kids could read together. Several churches have given baby food, formula, and diapers that we have been giving to those who call on us. Our partnership with a local food pantry has been a blessing to many.  

One of our moms, who had been growing in the Lord through our monthly fellowships, recently passed away and SonRays has been able to compassionately minister to her family. Her children will be nurtured and loved as we have become their extended family. We will always remember the gradual light and peace which were revealed in her quiet expressions since the day she raised her hand and gave her first testimony of God’s grace and goodness. It was a day we knew she gave her life to Jesus and was safe in the palm of His hand!

We know when we work in unity we can never outgive our God. Our fundraisers have all been affected but God’s people, who are called by His name, have continued to lovingly give so we can continue to speak Christ’s love into the lives of those in need. God continues to equip us to provide help and assistance through Scripture and discipleship materials for many people experiencing life’s challenging situations.

SonRays Ministries offers support that upholds the sanctity of life in many ways including pregnancy resources, childbirth and parenting classes, post-abortion healing, and family support.