Haiti Here We Come…

(Field Notes from Daryl Largis)

It goes without saying Haiti has significant needs as the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. It also goes without saying their condition as a nation and as a people was significantly and deeply exacerbated by the earthquake two years ago. Yet, despite these seemingly insurmountable challenges the gospel of Jesus Christ prevails. God’s people, His Church remains not only faithful but sacrificial in the midst of this chaos because God Himself is there. We, along with a handful of other churches like Restoration Church in Western New York, desire to come alongside the Church in Haiti to make a difference while tangibly working towards the reality of seeing every man, woman and child in Haiti being able to see, hear and respond by faith to the incredible message of hope found only in the gospel of Jesus Christ. As such, we will be formally partnering with Mission of Hope Haiti as we together through the indigenous church work towards the holistic transformation of that country. We will be focusing on a particular geography comprised of a number of communities. One of these communities is named Bercy (Bear-cee).  Please be in prayer for our efforts there and those in that place that not only need physical help but also need spiritual reconciliation. Our task is not simple, nor is it short-lived for we will be engaged with others to assess, prioritize and then action a comprehensive plan for that particular geography which addresses the spiritual, education, medical, economic and communal.  Our first formal engagement to that end will be a team of people headed that way in late April. Not only are we teaming up with other churches in WNY, but also we are partnering with a church in Florida called Summit Church who has been our friend in many other endeavors nationally and globally. Together as a broader expression of the Body of Christ, we can and will make a more significant difference.


Furthermore, our high school ministry, Movi, will be going to Haiti this summer. I personally will be on that trip with my oldest daughter and am very excited at what God is going to do with and through us while we are there. We will again be sending another adult team later this year in the early to mid-autumn timeframe. Perhaps this is something God is calling you to engage in. If so, please connect with me or Leroy Wiggins.