HBI Global Partners Nepal Relief Update

Last week, HBI Global Partners sent a team to Nepal to offer hope and resources to earthquake survivors. The Chapel helped support this team as they traveled into Kathmandu. Their first onsite report shared that their team stayed in a 15’ x 12’ community shed with 30 other people. Only two sides of the shed were covered making it a very cold and rainy night with no electricity. The cries of the survivors for their lost loved ones became overwhelming at times. They wrote, “In one location, a mother was crying so bitterly because six of her family members died.” Many are struggling to obtain food, shelter, water, and medical care. Since relief isn’t reaching all the surrounding areas, their team will be prayerfully accessing areas of need and extending help. The following is HBI’s latest update from Bobby Gupta. (Please note that the update has been edited to fit our format.)

 Dear Prayer Partners,

We are so thankful to each one of your for your sincere and fervent prayers. We saw the impact of your prayers! Thank you!

The journey of carrying the relief material was a treacherous one. It started with purchasing the relief material from Siliguri, West Bengal. Our HBI Regional center took the responsibility to connect with the wholesale shops to buy the relief material. Then to find the right truck owner who was willing to take the material to Nepal was another challenge. God did it! He brought a truck owner who was willing to take the risk of taking the relief material in spite of the awaiting danger of being looted or ransacked by Maoists.

The next challenge was to obtain approval from the Indian Government to take the material to Nepal. Again God did it! Our Siliguri staff found favor with a Christian officer who granted us the permission.

Then, the next challenge was receiving the approval from the Nepal Government. Many NGOs and others discouraged our team to pursue the approval saying, “this is impossible as many NGOs have been denied a permit.” God did it again! With much prayer we approached the Nepal Government official who granted us the permit getting the affirmation that we are genuinely wanting to help the people of Nepal. Praise God!

Then came the biggest challenge of traveling 23 hours, crossing 20 check posts, and driving through some of the worst roads with hidden snares kept by the Maoists. God did it again! Police were sent to patrol the area while our vehicles crossed the danger zones. It was truly like God sent His angels to guard His children. The relief material arrived safe in the midst of dangers and hindrances!  Praise God!  

There’s still a long way to go!

A few of our Nepali pastors have joined our team to be part of the relief work. Our team will be visiting the chosen villages and will be distributing the material. Please pray for God’s continued guidance in distribution with peace.

We also want you to pray that this will not be the end. The need is enormous and many thousands are still without proper shelter, blankets and food. Since God has led us how to do this first shipment, we trust that He will lead us through the following efforts. Please continue to support us in this effort as this is not just relief, it is a starting point and a long process of rehabilitation, rebuilding, restoration, and regeneration is ahead.  

Our next plan after the relief work (we would like to do a few more distributions of relief materials) is to move towards rehabilitation that is involved with emotional and grief counseling. Most of the people are living in fear and hopelessness. UNICEF reported that 1.7 million children were affected by this earthquake. Thousands of families are grieving and their future seems bleak. We are looking for potential trained counselors to help us train our Nepali pastors and potential leaders in grief counseling. We want counselors who will help train “Trainer of Trainers” in grief counseling.

Words truly will not be enough to thank the Lord for helping us in each moment. We experience His presence and power as we carry out this effort.

Will you continue to join us in this God-given mission to bring the hope giving love and truth of Christ to the people of Nepal?  Please continue to pray for us and support us in this effort.

Thank you so very much for your support!