HBI Global Partners Update: God’s Open Door to China!

Dr. Bobby Gupta, President, HBI Global Partners

God has opened doors for me to travel to China and equip leaders, pastors and next generation leaders. God broadened our sphere of influence beyond our initial contact and opened the door to serve national leaders, house church movements and the emerging leaders in China.

I am excited from the trips I had in the last 15 months and the influence it had on my own life! As I listened to leaders and taught them the biblical basis for the local church, its mission and enabled them to develop purpose and vision statements, it was amazing how they saw missions in Scripture and inscribed their mission statement.

At one of the training sessions the group was asked, “What will China look like when the Great Commission is complete?” They said, “We would see every home in China worshipping God every day. The Church will be discipling the lost, equipping the saints and releasing them to serve locally and globally, so the gospel is accessible everywhere and all over China.” WOW! Praise the Lord!

They understood that God’s plan and purpose is to have a global presence of Christ all over the world so everyone will have an opportunity to hear, understand and respond to the gospel and be discipled.  The vision of the Chinese Church to return to Jerusalem is now opening doors for us to be able to equip their task force.

I am excited about the many open doors and opportunities to equip and mentor these pastors and leaders who are so eagerly learning, interacting, praying and mobilizing the house churches to be a witness for the Lord.

It’s a new day in China! The Bible is available and freely read! Churches are meeting in the open and without the fear of being persecuted as they were in the past. With the access to the Bible and the freedom to gather and learn, the Church is growing deeper and gaining maturity.  Missions is the passion of the Church but is challenged by its ethnocentric limitation of culture and the lack of cross-cultural sensitivity and training.  They are looking for training in disciple-making.  They are looking for a paradigm that will work for their context to build the Church and reach their nation.

Last week I was in Shandong and it was amazing to watch God open the hearts, minds and eyes of people to understand the importance of cross cultural missions. We had more than 110 leaders from 16 different movements for a five-day training program. We had multiple generations of leaders for the training.  It was a wonderful sight to watch them taking down notes so sincerely.

I truly do not have enough words to thank the Lord for His mighty works in enabling me to serve the Church in China in equipping the pastors and leaders.  Thank you so very much for your continued prayers and support. Please continue to pray as God opens the doors to serve Him and His Church in equipping and mentoring pastors and leaders in China. I have already received invitations to come back in August 2013! I trust you will continue to join me in what the Lord is doing in China!