Jericho Road CHC | Volcanic Eruption Near Goma, DRC and COVID-19 in Nepal

Last week, Mount Nyiragongo, the volcano that overlooks Goma, DRC erupted. Although the initial lava flow did not reach the main part of the city, there was property destruction and loss of life in the surrounding villages. Subsequent earthquakes and aftershocks have worsened the situation.

Jericho Road’s Wellness Clinic in Goma is open for patients and needs your prayers! Seismic activity has decreased and now there are issues with sanitation and hunger as people return to their homes. Please pray for the Wellness Clinic team and the entire city of Goma asking for protection and fortitude for the entire region.

Jericho Road CHC is also working on a new clinic in Nepal. COVID-19 has even spread into these remote mountain communities. Many villagers are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms. Please pray for protection, recovery, and good health for the whole team and the people they serve in Nepal.