Love Serves: Thank You Volunteers!

The Chapel’s first Love Serves event on Saturday, October 26, was an outstanding success! Hundreds of Chapel volunteers were effectively mobilized to serve our Kingdom Come ministry partners across the area in more than 20 locations. Beginning with prayer, and then with paint brushes, shovels, rakes or hammers in hand, volunteers rolled up their sleeves to pour out the love of God at the work sites! Leaves were raked, yards cleaned, walls painted, and so much more. Hearts were touched…and lives are changed for eternity.

When the opportunity was presented to our ministry partners, they were excited to be a part of Love Serves. In fact, the timing was perfect for Heritage Christian Services, whose head of facilities was in a terrible car accident and unable to work. The help they received from The Chapel was a tremendous answer to prayer.

The Chapel and Potter’s Hands would like to express a heartfelt thank you to each and every volunteer who participated in Love Serves this past weekend. We are beginning to receive wonderful stories of how blessed our partners are from your investment in the community. We would also like to share a note from one of our partners sent to you:

Blessings Leroy and Friends at The Chapel,

One of the greatest joys we have as a ministry is to be used of God to not only be a daily blessing to the poor whom He has called us to serve, but to also be a blessing to those God has called to serve alongside us!

As we (staff) had our Monday morning time of “prayer and share,” the first item was hearing of the testimonies shared regarding the “Love Serves” day. There were many of them! These went both ways… to our disciples and staff, and not least of all, those who joined us from The Chapel! We spoke about the many small “Divine Appointments,” even experienced by myself with three or four people I had a chance to speak with. It reinforces God’s vision for us to be a place of ministry for your “equipped saints.”  We can contribute to the continuation of their spiritual growth in the Body, which comes quickly while serving the Lord.

We praise God for this, and rejoice with you… as we are all one in Christ Jesus, Who moves in our hearts as we faithfully serve Him in love.

Oh, and we really got a lot of work done too! In fact, there is now a patio out back (that we had given up hope on for this year). It will be a quiet, garden place where our resident staff and disciples can get alone with the Lord. A place too where they can be separated from the front porch where exposure to temptation can occur. There is more value in this as I’m sure you all recognize our need for a “special place” to meet quietly with our Lord.

So, thank YOU all for this opportunity! There was nothing that could possibly have been done better.

Gratefully yours in Jesus name,

Shaun Smith

Executive Director

Niagara Gospel Rescue Mission Inc.