“Mesi” (Creole for Thanks)

The Chapel, as many of you know, announced on Mother’s Day an opportunity for us as a local expression to partner in a unique way with Mission of Hope Haiti. It is every parent’s dream to provide their children with a bright future. A future that is full of opportunity, full of promise and full of hope. Unfortunately for most moms and dads in Haiti this is an elusive dream at best. More than 50% of children in Haiti have no chance at a formal education. Poverty experts broadly agree that lack of education is one of the primary causes of persistent poverty. Haiti is one of eight countries globally with such a challenge and the only one in the Western Hemisphere.

The response from the people who call The Chapel home to help meet this need was fantastic—in fact, overwhelming! Between the CrossPoint Campus and the Lockport Campus, we sponsored 80 children who in the upcoming school year will have an opportunity to go to one of the top schools in Haiti and be immersed into a Christ-centered learning environment. In addition, we have a handful of people wanting to sponsor children who will become available for sponsorship for the autumn semester. Please know we are and will continue to work with MOH to provide additional children for sponsorship. Please stay tuned and look for more information along those lines this summer.

So, not only do we as a local expression of the global Church get to sponsor children so they can have a quality education, but also these precious students will have repeated opportunities to hear and to see the gospel as they attend MOH’s School of Hope. Furthermore, these kids come from families that will be indirectly reached and touched. Lastly, these same children are from or near the area where we are telescoping[1]. This means that these children come from the same area we have and will continue to send teams, meaning it is possible that Chapel Teams could possibly run into one of the sponsored children on a future trip.

Thank you again for your continued generosity. Proverbs 14:31 states, “He who oppresses the poor taunts his Maker, but he who is gracious to the needy honors Him.” (NASB)  I am blessed to be a part of believers who believe in honoring God in such ways.


[1] Telescoping: In addition to living out the principles of Renovation thinking domestically, there is a need to be connected to the movement of God in other places throughout the world. Telescoping is the opportunity that the local church has to be directly connected to the movement of God in differing places throughout the world, where people are invested in trying to reach their local geography as well. This sort of thinking compels the local church to understand and be committed to God’s movement all throughout the world—not just in their local geography.