Ministry Update | Alex and Sherri Belmar

It is our prayer that this letter finds you, your family, and the entire church well.  We understand these are extreme days we are living in.  We are reminded that God is in control and know He will see us all through.  It is our prayer that we may all see His Divine opportunities to share His glorious hope at every chance.

In March, humanity witnessed a shift as it faced this worldwide pandemic.  There is a significant opportunity, to start digital platforms to connect and develop coaching programs with pastors from different cities in the country and other countries in Latin America.

Every two weeks, we will hold online meetings to share leadership principles and encouragement for the pastors. In our first meeting, we had 19 pastors from cities like Raleigh, W. Salem, Greensboro, Charlotte, Charleston, and two pastors from Argentina and Cuba joined.

Christ Together, along with other collaborative ministries, initiated a six-week systematic coaching program to help pastors understand the times and help them missionally navigate quarantine.  In the first week of this coaching program, we had 21 participants from the USA and Latin America.  God continues to move in every neighborhood, city, state, and nation and He seeks to redeem. 

God’s mission is not on pause; it is a great time to expand the Kingdom.

We count it an honor to partner with The Chapel.  We are grateful for your love and concern.

May the Lord grant you more that you could ask or think!