Mission, Vision & Values

Kingdom Come’s purpose is to uniquely lead, catalyze and support activity that results in the realization of The Chapel’s Values so that the Vision and eventually the Mission can be fully accomplished.

The Chapel’s Mission:  to ensure every man, woman, and child has repeated opportunities to hear and see the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Chapel’s Vision:  The mission will be accomplished through the mobilization of God’s people and resources as we plant churches, create new expressions and partner with like-minded ministries in geographies where we have spiritual responsibility and unique influence.

The Chapel’s Values

  1. Geographic Intentionality – defined geographies where we discern God has granted us influence, ownership and a sense of spiritual responsibility (locally, regionally, nationally, and globally) for the purposes and plans of God in conjunction with the global Church in those geographies.
  2. Partnership in the Greater Body of Christ – Intentional partnerships where people and resources are shared with others of like-mindedness to join God’s Mission and thereby enable greater impact as it relates to God’s purposes and plans.
  3. Focus on Spiritual Formation
    a. Intimacy with God the Father
    b. Understanding our giftedness and then using it
    c. Sharing our grace story in the context of God’s Story
    d. Stewarding all relationships in a Christ-like fashion
  4. Interdependent Leadership – Identify, develop, and release giftings, functions, abilities, capacities and domains in leadership in a manner dependent upon one another to effectively mobilize all of God’s people under our influence into the mission, vision and values.