News from Belmars – March 2013

Alejandro Belmar and his team are currently mentoring and helping the leadership teams of several churches in Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Santa Fe, Entre Rios and Nuequen (in Southern Argentina). Their objective is to mobilize the church to have a greater impact in their circle of responsibility, through discipleship and evangelism, make the Good News accessible to every man, woman and child. As they sit around the table with leaders in local churches, it gives them a greater opportunity to build relationships with the teams and assist them in re-orienting the vision, mission and strategy.

One of the pastors mentioned that through’s training, they are gaining insight and understanding on the nature of the Church and the importance that every person that is redeemed be a tool in God’s hand.

There are new possibilities in other Providences of Argentina and other countries of Latin America. This weekend, Alejandro and Fernando will be in Uruguay’s capital city, Montevideo, presenting the ministry; challenging pastors and leaders that they might look upon their city as Christ did.

Alejandro and Sherri Belmar

From Alejando and Sherri Belmar: We thank God for your generosity and investment in our lives and ministry. Please continue to pray for wisdom and resources, knowing that growth has its cost.  We know that even though the economy has changed the source of our provision, God, has not.  We pray that God may continue to prosper you so that you may continue being a channel of His blessing so that every man, woman and child will have repeated opportunities to see, hear and be touched by the Gospel of Christ.