Northtown Pregnancy Center: Supporting the Gift of Life

Local Opportunities: Daryl Largis

While it is true that Kingdom Come involves many things in the global arena, it also allows us to engage locally. In fact, some of our most tangible activity of partnership for the sake of the gospel is right here in Western New York. That’s right; there are many things we are engaged in locally that each and every one of us can touch without a passport. I recently had the privilege to hear the vision for a new pregnancy center in the Kenmore/Tonawanda area in the Northern part of the City of Buffalo. Currently, there are no such services in that part of the city even though there are thousands of people doing life there. In fact, Erie County is noticeably underserved as it relates to resources to pregnant women contemplating abortion. Erie County alone averages more than 10 abortions each and every day of the year while the State of New York accounts for over 300 abortions every day. These numbers should be sobering and prompt the Church to ask what can, indeed what must, we do. One thing is to pray. A second is to encourage and to engage with those who desire to make a difference. We can and should rally around those who have been uniquely gifted by God to touch those contemplating abortion with the love and message of Christ in hopes they choose life for their unborn child. As such, accessibility is key and to that end this pregnancy center was conceived and is being birthed. While they are months away from actually having a presence, they have started. In addition, this center is being sponsored by a group of churches in that part of the city we are affiliated with through our efforts to partner on behalf of the gospel for the sake of the region (i.e. Kenmore Alliance Church). This pregnancy center is in need of several things at this point not the least of which is a place to call home. Ideally, they would like to be located on Delaware Avenue north of Kenmore Avenue. Secondly, they need a sonogram machine which is a critical tool in what they do. Thirdly, they need people who desire to become counselors or others who want to help in other ways. Please be in prayer with me for them and this new ministry. For more information you can contact them at