On Mission | Answered Prayers

by Cindra Enzinna, Lockport Care Net Pregnancy Center

We prayed and God answered!   “…whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” Mark 11:24 (ESV)                            

It has been an exciting time for Lockport Care Net Pregnancy Center. We have moved into our new facility that we were able to purchase with a grant and community funds. Area churches, businesses, and supporters have been very excited to walk alongside us as we expand our services to the community in a wider capacity.

During these uncertain times, now more than ever we need to focus on God and His promises. Now, more than ever, we feel compelled to “step up” our evangelism and disciple our clients for Kingdom purposes. Now, more than ever, the community is reaching out to us to see what they can do to help us engage more clients with the hope and love of Christ. We are walking fearlessly, because there is NO FEAR IN CHRIST. Now, more than ever, we need to work together as a united front, church and community, fighting for the lives that may be lost without our intervention and without God.

If we get caught up in today’s news, we can easily find division, anger, violence. These things draw our attention, whether it be to a news story, the TV, or a radio talk show. However, focusing on the bad is what Satan wants; focusing on the good is good for the soul. If we look for it, there is always bad news to be found. However, good news is even easier to find at the Center because of the support from our local community.

So, some good news: While those who come in our door have needs, we’re here to meet those needs. We show love to those who visit our office. We serve them with joy, love, and hope. We do this every day. Because of this, babies are born who might not have been. This is good news! This is evangelism! The community is supporting us now more than ever, working in synergy with us. We have taken a huge leap of faith in purchasing a new building and moving during a pandemic. God’s faithfulness is shining bright in Lockport! The whole community feels it and is along with us on this new journey. We have enlarged our volunteer base to be ready for the increase in clients who need our free services. Together we are helping to strengthen the family unit in Lockport and the surrounding community, sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with everyone who enters our doors.

Lockport Care Net Pregnancy Center’s mission is to affirm the value of life by providing compassionate peer counsel, truthful resources, practical assistance and the hope of Christ to those experiencing pregnancy related decisions.