ON MISSION | Equipping Believers. Growing Businesses. Changing Communities.

by The Firstfruits Team

Israel Firstfruits advances the Kingdom of God by empowering marketplace leaders and growing businesses in Israel. We work with Jewish and Arab believers in the Land who want to flourish and prosper, and fulfill their calling to be salt and light.

Starting or growing a business in Israel is difficult. Not only are there numerous practical challenges, such as financial obstacles or knowledge/skills gaps, there are also many philosophical barriers. For believers in particular, they often feel like they are wasting their lives or that a marketplace calling is not as meaningful as full-time ministry. Such problems are difficult to overcome—and they are compounded by the implicit and explicit persecution believers in Israel often face.

In short, being a believer in Israel is hard. Starting a business as a believer is even harder.

This is exactly where Israel Firstfruits comes in. We understand the unique challenges our brothers and sisters face—and we purposefully come alongside them to support them in their journey, helping them integrate their faith and skills to succeed. Since our beginning in 2012, we have had the privilege to touch the lives of more than a thousand local entrepreneurs, business leaders and marketplace professionals.

Yonatan, a local pastor and leader in Israel, recently shared his feelings about Israel Firstfruits. Many members of his congregation have participated in our programs, and he relayed how this has impacted their community. 

Every year, we’re very happy to hear about Israel Firstfruits’ programs. We promote them in our congregation and encourage new as well as more mature believers to participate. Whether they already have a business or just a business idea, we encourage them to take the Kingdom Business course. We’ve seen that this course gives them tools not just for business but also offers discipleship and affects their spiritual life.

Until now, believers have struggled financially and they have needed help. Some of them have had to be supported by the kehilia (congregation) or by charity organizations in Israel. But we’re seeing that this is changing. They are able to support themselves and become good examples to others of how believers can run good businesses.

The integration of faith and work is something we are now talking about from the very beginning. New believers that come to faith in the congregation understand the relationship between faith and work. For them, it’s not strange anymore. From the very start, they think about it together.

Israel Firstfruits really gives us a platform, as well as resources for this. It’s somewhere we send people to receive training in this area. We’re very grateful to see this change in our congregation. And we expect it will impact the Body of Messiah both locally and nationally in Israel as believers become more financially independent. Not only are they able to sustain their own families, but they are also able to give back to their own congregations or wherever the Lord lays on their hearts.

This is something that is quite new for us. Believers are seeing that they can become financially stable. This is a major contribution of Israel Firstfruits and we are very grateful.

We are seeing a shift in Israel. Not only are believers being equipped and empowered, they are seeing themselves as the Kingdom-carriers they are called to be!

Because of our partners, this is possible. The Body of Christ is growing. Congregations are being supported. Communities are being changed. We are so grateful to all who support and co-labor with us!

Israel Firstfruits advances the Kingdom of God by empowering marketplace leaders and growing businesses in Israel.