On Mission | Healing That Only Jesus Can Do

by Matt Miller, OpOverwatch

The Holy Spirit moved unexpectedly in The Firehouse/OpOverwatch meeting last night. I’m still trying to process all of the miraculous breakthroughs. 

As a former law enforcement officer (LEO), I wasn’t sure what to expect meeting a roomful of ex-offenders.  This meeting was a God event. I honestly don’t have words to describe what it was like to listen to a LEO describe being riddled by AK 47 rounds, suffering severe nerve damage and other injuries that doctors assured  him would end his career in law enforcement. Nevertheless, he held on to God’s promises, and worked hard for two years to get back to the job! 

Little did we know, just six feet away from him, was an ex-offender who served 42 years for killing a LEO. After listening to the officer’s story of receiving multiple gunshot wounds, he broke down and sobbed, turned to the officer, and apologized for what happened to him. Then, he repented for the terrible things he did to the officer he killed and the impact it had on the LEO’s family. The grace, repentance, and forgiveness was from Christ alone! The Holy Spirit was in and all over that room, bringing about amazing displays of repentance and sincere forgiveness, and expressions of historic unity through Christ!

The mission of OpOverwatch Inc. is to provide repeated opportunities for all Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs) to hear about the identity that can be found through the gospel of Jesus Christ.