On Mission | New Horizons

by Jeff Hackett and Jesse Pohle, MissionGO

As we all can attest, 2020 has been a most interesting year. After many years of serving with Score International, Jesse and I (Jeff) have transitioned to one of The Chapel’s Kingdom Come partners, MissionGO. Our previous agency, Score International, works primarily in the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica whereas MissionGO (formerly Global Outreach Mission) has missionaries in 56 countries. With this further reach, it allows The Chapel and churches we serve to connect with churches and missionaries around the globe through short-term mission opportunities. 

During the last 16 years we have partnered with The Chapel in mobilizing medical teams, construction crews, teachers, firemen, policemen, and youth groups to serve on the mission field. MissionGO allows us the opportunity to work in all these areas, plus additional possibilities in countries like Sierra Leone, Uganda, Belize, India, and more.

Since many of the countries we desire to work in have barred visitors during the pandemic, we have had ample time to get to know new missionaries. So, We set up internet calls with several missionaries in Costa Rica, India, France, and Uganda to learn about specific ministries and how we can help with vision-casting and tangible needs through short-term teams.

The inability to travel has been disappointing, and yet has presented opportunities for churches to work within their own geography. Jeff had one church that spent a week working in their own community, partnering with local agencies to serve those in need.  It has been a vital lesson of being on mission without ever leaving a local region. Too often we have a willingness to serve the less fortunate and represent Jesus on the foreign mission field, but we neglect the needs within a few miles of our homes and churches. The pandemic has given churches a new perspective of mission and serving with purpose in their local communities. God has used our relationships with churches to help them think missionally in a different way. The fruit has been very rewarding.

On a personal ministry note, since we are unable to travel, we have been busy learning and doing work here in Western New York. Jeff continues his marriage ministry, counseling and organizing many projects at his home church. Jesse continues with his biblical studies and discipleship within his neighborhood.

As we look forward to 2021, we see a schedule full of trips to Central America and Africa. We ask you to pray how you might be able to engage in missions, whether here in your own geography or across an ocean. We would love to talk with you if God pulls your heart towards missions!

Jeff Hackett and Jesse Pohle are missionaries with MissionGO, an international missionary sending agency that encourages and serves missionaries as they spread the gospel of Jesus Christ into more than 56 countries around the globe.