On Mission | No Prison Doors, No Lockdown, and No Persecution Could Stop the Gospel!

by Malini Asir, Hindustan Bible Institute & College

Our village church planter Ram, a bi-vocational church planter serving the Lord in North India, started the ministry about 10 years ago. When he began the ministry, there were no Christians found in any of the villages where he ministered. But Ram was committed to take the life-giving gospel to these people. The people group is called “Suryavanshi – Chamar community.” There are 127 villages with this people group in his district.

In 2012, Ram had a vision of planting 40 churches when he turned 40. Praise God even before he turned 40 years (which is next year) God enabled him to plant 64 churches! In most of the villages more than 70% of the people have become followers of Christ! Praise the Lord!

Now Ram would like to plant a church in every village of Suryavanshi – Chamar community – that means 127 worshiping communities! Please pray that God will help Ram to see the vision fulfilled.

God truly enabled Ram to stay focused on God’s calling in spite of a lot of oppositions and persecutions. He was taken into the prison at least two times because of the gospel. Both times, God used him as a powerful testimony to share the Good News of the gospel to the prison authorities and fellow prisoners. Seeing his godly behavior filled with God’s love and compassion, he was released from the prison as not guilty.

Even during the recent pandemic, Ram did not stop sharing the Good News and providing relief materials to his village people. While the lockdown was going on, God opened doors for Ram to pray for several people who were gripped in fear and hopelessness. It is amazing that during the pandemic, 42 of them were baptized and joined the fellowship of believers! Praise the Lord!

No prison doors could stop the gospel! No lockdown could stop the gospel! No persecution could stop the gospel!

We thank the Lord for His continued leadership to the ministries of HBI. When we look back especially during the pandemic period, God opened new doors and new strategies to carry the life-giving gospel to the unreached peoples.

Just in the last six months, God has enabled the ministries of HBI to witness 25,616 people saying “yes” to the gospel of our Lord Jesus and starting an ongoing and growing relationship with the Lord. We also praise God that we witnessed 2,455 people baptized proclaiming that Jesus is their Lord and Savior. Our hearts are filled with gratitude for God’s leading in enabling our church planting movement to establish 828 worship communities in the last nine months. Hallelujah!

We truly thank The Chapel family for your invaluable prayers, love, and support. Your involvement with the ministries of HBI is making a world of difference in giving repeated opportunities to every man, woman, boy, and girl to hear, understand, and respond to the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Hindustan Bible Institute is committed to giving every man, woman, boy and girl an opportunity to hear, understand and respond to the gospel and be discipled into worshiping communities by developing God-class transformational leaders in the context of formal, non-formal, cross cultural and next generation leaders to disciple the whole nation of India.