Partner Notes: Planting Seeds of Salvation

The Kingdom Come office received a wonderful update from partners serving in south east Asia where video evangelism is being implemented to reach every man, woman and child with the gospel message.

One area where the video is being used is a large Buddhist community. The film is shown in the same place several times for maximum benefit. With the volume up in an open-air venue, many people, including monks who teach or attend Buddhism schools close by, are drawn to watch the movie. It’s challenging for the ministry partner’s team there, that so many people are coming to learn and know who Jesus Christ is—our Savior. The movie is followed up with printed gospel tracts and conversations planting the seeds of salvation.

The team leader shared: “Truly, this land is given by God…with great purpose to extend His Kingdom. Lately we have been able to use it as a base for different outreach and mission works. Please continue to pray for this effective mass witnessing throughout the land. Anything can happen to us… Pray that God continues to be with us and show His bountiful love to all practically as we continue the witnessing whatever the situation. Thank you.”