Reach, Teach, and Minister – Patch Our Planet

by Steve Gillis, Patch Our Planet

Throughout the New Testament, discipleship and evangelism are obvious priorities in the Christian faith. Just as Jesus chose His disciples and taught them how to share the good news of the gospel and how to multiply His message, we too are commanded to go and do the same (see Matthew 28:19-20).

At Patch Our Planet we have a specific way we try to meet the orphan care need: we equip the Church. In all we do, we try to echo the Great Commission. We work to reach, teach, and minister in the same way that Jesus told us to in Matthew 28. We lead with the gospel and then share practical orphan care strategies in order to meet the needs of children and families.

There are two main ways that our ministry is able to emphasize evangelism and discipleship.

Reach | We preach the gospel at all times.

We often have the opportunity to speak at conferences, church services, church leadership trainings, and other places. It has always been a priority of our ministry to share the message of Christ in those moments. This past year, each time we presented or preached in a church, multiple people gave their hearts to Christ. We understand that the message of the cross, the hope of the resurrection, and the story of forgiveness and grace should be the most important pieces of any ministry’s mission, including ours.

Teach and Minister | We teach God’s people, creating ministry networks of care across the US.

Orphan care can be a complex ministry. For ten years, our heart has been to bring real solutions to the Church, God’s plan A (and the permanent patch for orphan care). We have long understood that God’s greatest organization, the Church, can also be the least equipped when it comes to caring for children in foster care, their families, and children abroad. With that in mind, we created specific tools to help churches thrive in their orphan care ministries. We began with local and global curricula that would give churches an outline to follow when setting up their orphan care ministries. We then developed a workbook that would serve as an interactive guide to help churches set up their own custom orphan care plans. Ultimately, we teach churches how to build and be a part of a larger church network of care in a community.

Our latest published resources are just now being released. The first resource is a book called Extra Ordinary Advocate – Start Where You Stand. This book will serve as a bridge to church leaders, by-standers, and advocates who may not be fully engaged with a customized orphan care plan at their church.

The second resource is an interactive workbook called Let’s Build A Custom Orphan Care Strategy for Your Church. This workbook walks a church through the step-by-step process of setting up a thriving orphan care ministry (local and global) under their own church’s vision. We understand that when church leaders and families are equipped and supported, more children are served and cared for.

Ultimately, if the Church is the best answer to the orphan crisis, and we believe it is, then it must be the most equipped. Prayerfully, the day will come when churches in every community will own an intentional strategy of care for foster children in their community and global orphans within their reach. We’re working hard to make that a reality.

Patch Our Planet helps churches develop long-term, customized orphan care strategies.