By Amy Tartick

November is highlighted by the Thanksgiving holiday—when the aroma of an abundant feast fills a home with promises of juicy roast turkey, mountains of mashed potatoes brimming with gravy, corn drenched in butter, green bean casserole, crusty dinner rolls, and of course, pumpkin pie. We gather our families, and sometimes friends, young and old, around tables dressed in autumn colors, candles lit, and forks raised. Perhaps your family, upon being seated at a heavenly feast-laden table, remembers that it is God’s hand that has provided this meal and all blessings we enjoy in life, turning grateful hearts and minds to the Father with thanksgiving.

As we celebrate God’s blessings and faithfulness to us during this season, let us also consider that not everyone has had the opportunity to see, hear and respond to the gospel of Jesus Christ. So how can we reply to God’s faithfulness and help ensure that every man, woman and child within our circles of accountability, see and hear the life-transforming gospel? Simply put—by faith. Each year The Chapel asks those who call The Chapel “home” to prayerfully consider what God would have them give, by faith, to Kingdom Come. It is a “faith” venture, meaning by faith we trust God to provide additional resources so that when He does, we will give it to Kingdom Come, over and above our normal giving.

Kingdom Come is the primary way The Chapel facilitates the gospel message in word and deed locally, regionally, nationally and globally. Pastor Daryl Largis recently shared, “Over the past handful of years, this community of faith has experienced God working in their circumstances in some very unique ways. By faith millions of dollars have been given and in turn invested in the Kingdom all over the world, in numerous church plants, ministry expansion projects, clean water initiatives, anti-human trafficking efforts, Christian education, and caring for widows and orphans.”

Earlier this fall, we asked several of our Chapel family members who are steadfast in their Faith Promise commitment to share about their reasons for giving to Kingdom Come and how God has worked in their lives because of it. Here are their replies:

Why do you give to Kingdom Come?

“We give because we believe in the work of Kingdom Come, and how God is working through the mission to reach people and spread the gospel.”

“We give because we feel like we have been blessed for the purpose of being a blessing to others. We also give so that we can be a part of something way larger than just us and way more powerful than we could ever envision on our own.”

“We give in obedience to what God’s Word calls us to—to know Him—is to trust Him—is to obey Him. We give in order to participate in the Great Commission . . . Kingdom Come is an avenue that allows His Love to be shared locally, regionally and globally.”

“We know it’s God’s heart to reach all people with His love and message. We are His hands and feet to accomplish that.”

“I particularly feel The Chapel has a spectacular goal to . . . reach the world for our Savior Jesus Christ. What could be more important than a person’s soul? This is what is at stake throughout the whole world.”

“Many years ago, I came across a passage printed in Our Daily Bread, which I think was from Deuteronomy. I cut it out and kept it in view over my desk. (I’m in California now on business, so I can’t read it, and I don’t recall all of it), I remember it states in part that ‘We enter this world naked and naked we will leave.’ ‘Everything we have is the Lords, even our ability to earn a living.’ ‘We are merely stewards over His resources for a short time.’ God was touching my heart, and reminded me that this life is not just about me, and I could do better with the material gifts from him.”

How has God worked in your life as you gave to Kingdom Come?

“God has increased our sensitivity to those in need within our circle of influence—allowing us to live with our hands open, and has given greater contentment, peace, and fulfillment within our lives.”

“Every single time, with every single faith commitment we have made, God has shown His ever-faithfulness.  It has also been a great way to demonstrate to our kids God’s faithfulness when we steward our resources with a kingdom perspective.”

“God has richly blessed us through our giving.  As much as we give God blesses us more.”

“God has worked in my life by giving me more finances to give. I believe some of us have to be conduits of financial giving to help some of God’s wishes. The more we give away, the more we are blessed with . . . . It is a very fulfilling feeling to be just adding what resources I can to Kingdom Come. We don’t need any more material things.”

“As a family we prayed and agreed on the faith promise amounts, sometimes thinking it was a stretch, and God has been providing more for us to give. We never felt like we went without because of it. Hearing the testimonies and grace stories of the Kingdom Come partners makes us feel honored to be a small part in God’s work.”

“I am humbled by the many ways God constantly blesses us. God is working in us to change our heart and he has changed our priorities and how we look at spending the resources he has so graciously given to us. I don’t have the same desire for the material things of this world as I once did, yet I feel that I have gained so much. This is what God is calling us to do.”

What do you now know about God and His mission in the world as a result of participating by faith in Kingdom Come?

“That God is way bigger than our local expressions of His Church.  That what He wants to do in the world, He will do through His people.  That God can and will do beyond what we can imagine or ask when we simply obey His Spirit.”

“God has been providing year after year so we can give above our faith promise so this must be something that is important to God. The evidence we see of God at work around the world keeps us motivated to be on mission for Him.”

“We know that there are people accomplishing God’s work through this ministry and that people all over the world are coming to know God as their personal Savior as a direct result of this ministry.”

“He invites each and every one of us to participate in His mission as we are called through His Holy Spirit—in the same way that we need to personally respond to His gift of Salvation—we are each called personally to act by faith to support Kingdom Come. God allows us to focus our hearts and minds beyond ourselves—to realize that we have received so that we can give.”

“I believe God’s mission in the world is to allow everyone to hear about the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. I think it’s His intent that all hear and then decide about His offer of grace.   WHAT AN OFFER! The Chapel can play a very large part if it’s all within His will through Kingdom Come . . .    Wow!”

It is our prayer that you will join us in this “by faith venture” and experience God at work in your life in new and powerful ways.