SCORE/Chapel Ministry Trip Journal

In January, The Chapel sent two ministry teams with SCORE International to the Dominican Republic. Each team served for one week, with a few members who remained for both weeks. David Kennedy shared his two-week team journal with the Kingdom Come office. It was plain to see God at work in and through these teams in amazing ways. Join us for just a few of their adventures in the selected log entries that follow.

score log 2

Another new believer who accepted Christ during a home visit. She is already sharing the good news with other family members.

Week I—Day Three:  This was the first day of the actual patient care.  The surgical team was the first group to leave for La Ramana where they performed eight surgeries.  Much prayer and discussion took place with those who were to undergo the surgery and reports were that there was some good conversation on the bus among the team members.  The day turned out to be a very long one due to a complicated case that ended well but took longer than anticipated. The team didn’t arrive back to the SCORE complex until after 8 PM. They were tired but excited and ready for another round tomorrow.  The village clinical team went back to Valiente (near Boca Chica) to join with our friend Lorena, the godly Dominican lady who is working with the church in this very poor neighborhood.  We saw more than 200 patients with various ailments.  About 10 people received counsel and professed to accept Jesus as Savior and Lord.  The youngest was 14 and the oldest was 93.  The team was very efficient and again, it was obvious God was in the middle of it all. We thank Him for the opportunity to join Him on mission to these people He loves.


Week I—Day Five:  Today is the last official day to do our clinics and surgeries.  Both teams left at 6:30am to make the hour drive to their prospective locations.  Surgery was once again in La Ramana while the clinical team went to a brand new location to us in the sugar cane village of Magdalena, which is beyond La Ramana.  We must admit, there are a lot of tired people after these long days in a climate most of us are not used to.  God has moved in a spiritual way among our team.  The surgical team had a case load of four surgeries.  One surgery took four hours to perform.  The best part of the day was that two of the patients we spoke with accepted the Lord.  The one young woman did so before her surgery. During recovery, her parents came in. When they were told what their daughter had done they started to praise the Lord because they are believers in Christ and had been praying for their daughter!  The other young mother who accepted the Lord did so when she had fully recovered from her anesthesia and was ready to go home.  Both seemed to be very positive conversations and promised to go to a local Bible-believing church near where each lived.  The clinical team had a very challenging day.  Due to a misunderstanding where the local people thought the team was arriving next week, they weren’t ready for us.  But they hurriedly got ready and by the end of the day about 200 were seen.  Children’s ministry was really kept busy with scores of children showing up.  We are very grateful the team from Harrington, ME is here to show the love of Jesus to these precious children.  Two of our ladies went to Emmanuel House to work with several deaf children.  These ladies were trying to teach sign language to the children and their parents.  So much happened you will just have to hear it from those who are on the trip.  Hearts are overflowing to think that God would choose us to serve Him.


Week I—Day Seven:  Today is the last day for our team to be together.  The morning started out with a team going to Emmanuel House.  Everyone came back extremely blessed with what they saw of the ministry there.  The second team went to the nursing home in Monty Cristy to once again bless people and get a feel for what that ministry is all about.  A third group continued the work in the pharmacy here at SCORE.  Then all groups converged on the local resort located just down the street to have an afternoon of relaxation, and enjoy the beautiful beach and buffet.  The Bible reminds us that even Jesus withdrew from ministry to get away for bit.  A highlight of this afternoon was seeing the beach vendor accept the Lord and say he will attend the church located just behind the SCORE complex this Sunday.  Tonight was our traditional last meeting.  All 60 plus team members had to share a trip highlight and a spiritual highlight.  Although everyone is at a different place in their spiritual journey, it was a joy to hear what God did in their lives this week.  The special highlight of this devotion time was hearing how two of our team members gave their hearts to Christ this week.  We are going to miss the fellowship we have had but know God is still up to marvelous works in and through us as we go home.


score log 1

Matt is our pharmacist who accepted the Lord, was baptized, and is going through the Discipleship course.

Week II—Day Seven:  So today is Saturday and the day we had planned to go home. But God had other plans.  Isaiah 55:8 “My thoughts are not your thoughts neither are your ways my ways declares the Lord.”  This morning over breakfast one of our nurses on the team indicated she had not been baptized and God had been dealing with her about this matter over the past day or so.  So a baptism was planned for 10:30am down at the beach.  While teaching her further about the significance of this act of obedience one of our dentists said he had not been baptized since believing in Jesus and wished to join her in this act.  Our group gathered at the beach and began our service in the public view.  Shortly after beginning a biblical message on the importance of such an event, a group of 10 young Dominican men approached us.  One of them asked us to pray for their friend who had been critically injured in a motorcycle accident earlier this morning.  We prayed for this young man after giving a very brief explanation of the gospel and telling them we felt it was a God appointed moment in their lives.  They stayed to witness the baptisms.  Afterwards we all gathered with them and gave a deeper presentation of the gospel and many of them prayed to accept the Lord.  We invited them to be baptized if they wanted and at that moment our pharmacist stepped forward to say he had accepted the Lord earlier in the week and now wanted to be baptized.  A couple of our team members went back to SCORE to get the young men Bibles and tracts.  A little further follow up was given and an invitation to come to church tomorrow at the SCORE church in Juan Dolio.  . . . God is good—all the time!


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