SonSurf English Camp 2013 Makes a Splash!

A midsummer update from the Wendels in the Czech Republic

We hosted our first-ever English Camp at our ministry center and had 16 kids for the week!  No one was injured, everyone had a great time, parents and kids were happy, and all 16 kids heard the gospel clearly and repeatedly!  It was a success!  We were able to make some interesting new connections, and deepen our relationships with several key families that we have been trying to reach.  The camp was a major undertaking, as we planned, programmed, and implemented every detail from start to finish with almost no help.  Sometimes it’s good to know what you’re able to accomplish on your own…but it would be great if we could find a partner to join with us in this ministry.  The laborers are truly few.  Pray that the Lord would send more laborers to the harvest!

We were pleased that the camp turned out so well.  We definitely faced some unexpected hurdles, learned some things, and have a game plan for how we will approach camp next year, so that it will be even better.  The result however was very positive.  Steve preached two messages each day in Czech, the kids heard the gospel clearly and relevantly presented, and we gained rapport in both our neighborhood, and with the families of the kids we had for the week.  It was so encouraging to hear the kids during chapel times both reciting Scripture from memory, and reiterating the gospel as we had taught them.  Mind you, these were all children (except for ours of course) who were having their first exposure to the true gospel of Christ.  What a privilege and honor we have to serve Jesus in this way!

Our church in České Budějovice will be partnering with Word of Life to host our 2nd annualsummer camp August 19-23 at the church on the other side of town.  Steve will be teaching English and helping to facilitate this camp as well.  Last year we had 17 kids, but we expect that this year we will have even more.  Additionally we will be housing all of the workers from Word of Life at our ministry center.  We’re eager to see how the Lord will work in the lives of these campers, and it’s a blessing to have this ministry partnership with Word of Life to make this outreach possible.  Please pray that the church would effectively follow-up on the contacts and relationships made through this camp.

We’ve got a fresh batch of new ideas for new ministry ventures and how we can improve the ministries we’re already doing. As our language aptitude progresses, we have more potential opportunities for ministry. Please pray for us as we plan what we can do, how much can be accomplished, and how to prioritize our time in the coming year.  The opportunities and needs are vast, but we need to be investing in the most effective and lasting ways. We will also be applying for the extension of our visas this Fall, which is a large project unto itself, as well as a fund-raising endeavor.  Please pray that we can walk through the process without hindrance, and that our God would provide for this ministry to continue!