Springville Crossing: Monday Night Movies

by Keith Clark

The Joylan theater in Springville, NY.

The Joylan theater in Springville, NY.

It’s your typical winter Monday evening in rural WNY. Not much is really happening in this two-stoplight village of Springville.  And the weather is too crummy to do much of anything outside.  Many folks began their day returning to work or school which, let’s be honest, may have been a bitter pill to swallow. For others who are retired or currently unemployed, it may have just been another day of the same old, same old.  Many are likely thinking, “What to do? The Voice is on again tonight, but wouldn’t it be nice to be able to do something that might make a little difference?  Something encouraging?  I’m bored, I have a void!”

The Springville Crossing Church has stepped out in faith, and in an effort to ensure that every man, woman, and child is reached with the gospel, has seen this need as a great opportunity to do something innovative. And, it is working!

Springville’s local movie theater is closed on Mondays and the library of quality, positive, faith-based films continues to grow. So, we decided to create an outreach ministry called Monday Night Movies (MNM).  Through the generosity of the Joylan owners, we were able to secure the theater on several Mondays, invested financially in movie licenses, popped the popcorn, and opened up the doors to the community free of charge. To further attract the community and to bless them, each event has included door prizes.  And, to take the blessing one step further we also felt these MNMs would be a great way to highlight, bless, and help not-for-profits in our community that are doing a good work. So, at each movie we introduce and allow people from such organizations to share briefly about what they do and why.  Then movie attendees are given a voluntary opportunity to financially support that organization. To date, we have blessed local organizations with $1,224!

This formula has proven to be extremely fruitful for the Kingdom of God. We have seen between 80 and 110 people come out to see each of the four positive, Christ-pointing movies that we have shown.  Many of whom, we are confident, would not have otherwise seen them.  To encourage people to go one step further with the movie and their journey toward God, we are also giving away Bibles and follow-up materials after the movies.

This has been an overall win for the Kingdom of God and our community. We also believe that it has been a key contributor to the 9% Sunday morning attendance increase we as a church realized since we began this outreach.  People are beginning to transition into the ministry who were otherwise not connected to a church. That excites us not for the sake of numbers growth, but for the sake of more people being exposed to the gospel and Christ’s ways.

In closing, doing an outreach like this takes resources. Please be confident that God is accomplishing much through the Kingdom Come ministry partnership between The Chapel and The Springville Crossing!  We thank you for being a key part of God’s work here in Springville!