SteamTown Church Update

(Field notes from Daryl Largis)

As you may already know, The Chapel has been a strategic partner for a number of years to SteamTown Church in Scranton, PA ( Even though Scranton of late is more known for “The Office,” it is a place in many ways similar to the City of Buffalo. It too, is challenged with a present and future that are vastly different from the industrious days of old. Even so, there is hope—a hope found in the gospel and in the lives of God’s people willing to make a difference. The leadership of SteamTown is in the process of acquiring a closed-down church campus in the heart of South Scranton, which is one the roughest and toughest areas of the city. Even so, while others have left this area, SteamTown leaders are willing to enter in.

I recently had the privilege of spending some time with SteamTown’s leaders to pray, to dream and to plan. I am excited about the doors God is opening for them.  We should be thankful that God has allowed us to partner with them as they pack their bags once again and enter into a more permanent place to drive deep their convictions in that immediate community and beyond as they obediently pursue the mission to ensure that EVERY man, woman and child has repeated opportunities to hear, to see and to experience the gospel of Jesus Christ. Please continue to pray for them as they move into this new facility and as they pursue the heart of God in their context.