Holistic Care for Ebola Orphans

In 2014, our world was rocked by the sudden and violent threat of Ebola. Sierra Leone’s underdeveloped health system collapsed under the weight of the rapidly-spreading Ebola virus. Ebola treatment centers in West Africa had only 25% of the isolation beds they needed. There were just two doctors for every 100,000 people in Sierra Leone. […]

Church Planting Initiative | Church of WNY

Roundtable interview with Chad Rieselman, Dan Trippie, Christopher Baldwin, and Ryan Kozey by Amy Tartick Have you ever wondered how many churches actually meet for worship services on a Sunday morning in Buffalo, the surrounding suburbs, even in the whole region of Western New York? Do we really need more locations and opportunities for people […]

Antioch Networks | Leadership Development | People Mobilization

An update from Saturation Church Planting Saturation Church Planting (SCP) exists to see every man, woman and child presented with the repeated opportunity to come to faith in Christ. Our strategy to do this is threefold: Antioch Networks, Leadership Development, and People Mobilization. Our global involvement extends from the Western Hemisphere where we work with […]

Margin & Intentionality

A blog by John Camardo What is margin? That is a question I was recently asked. I use this word so often that up until recently I didn’t recognize that it might not be commonly understood in the context of leadership. Is it possible I am guilty of using a corporate buzzword? I hope not…but […]

Kingdom Come Moments in History

Kingdom Come began quietly and seemingly without fanfare at the beginning of 2007. The path forward included launching The Chapel at Elmwood (now Renovation Church), evaluating and prioritizing current opportunities, and the development and implementation of a comprehensive plan. Through the leading of the Holy Spirit and prayerful consideration, strategic methodology was set into place […]

Imagine Community Gardens

by Rich Tedeschi This year Imagine Community Gardens is joyfully celebrating our fourth year of operations. In this time, we have had wonderful opportunities to feed many resident families, build friendly relationships with different church leaders, volunteers and resident gardeners, and to help lead the transformation in the neighborhoods in which we invest. We’ve partnered […]

Sierra Leone: Mobile Clinic Impact

by Jericho Road Community Health Center Abdul (not his real name) lives in Tombodu, one of our target villages where we regularly visit with our Adama Martha Memorial Community Health Center mobile medical unit. He’s uncertain of his birthday, but thinks he is about 25 years of age. He grew up as a Muslim, and […]

Waking Up the Sun and Being Overwhelmed with Grace

Recently I had the privilege of being the recipient of something that in the past I was part of the giving. While the role reversal was slightly and initially awkward, mainly due to my pride which I needed to and did repent from, I was tremendously blessed.  The something of what I speak of is […]

Ebola Support

by Pastor Daryl Largis It is hard to believe that one year ago the country of Sierra Leone was in a terrible struggle with Ebola.  Hundreds perished as a result of this latest outreach with many more lives impacted.  Fortunately, we along with many others stepped in to help.  As part of the Western New […]

Leading Like a King or Queen

by Pastor Daryl Largis From our earliest dreams as children, which are continually reinforced through movies and books down through the years since, we from time to time ponder what would it be like to be a king or queen as the case might be.  What would I do?  Where would my kingdom be? What […]