Waking Up the Sun and Being Overwhelmed with Grace

Recently I had the privilege of being the recipient of something that in the past I was part of the giving. While the role reversal was slightly and initially awkward, mainly due to my pride which I needed to and did repent from, I was tremendously blessed.  The something of what I speak of is […]

Ebola Support

by Pastor Daryl Largis It is hard to believe that one year ago the country of Sierra Leone was in a terrible struggle with Ebola.  Hundreds perished as a result of this latest outreach with many more lives impacted.  Fortunately, we along with many others stepped in to help.  As part of the Western New […]

Leading Like a King or Queen

by Pastor Daryl Largis From our earliest dreams as children, which are continually reinforced through movies and books down through the years since, we from time to time ponder what would it be like to be a king or queen as the case might be.  What would I do?  Where would my kingdom be? What […]

Am I an Oppressive Person or Leader?

by Pastor Daryl Largis Most of us would quickly say surely not! But I think I read about such a person who lived a long time ago who was, or we would point to a leader somewhere in the world and say for sure it is that guy!  While those references may indeed be true, […]

My American Dream

by Pastor Daryl Largis It is no secret that this country is on the cusp of a very important election.  Accordingly, the two parties are positioning themselves to present the best case to the American people so that they can either remain in the White House or gain access to it.  In sum, each of […]

Fingerprints of Grace

by Pastor Daryl Largis In the past several days, what have you left your fingerprints upon that others could discover? We are all familiar with the television shows whereby fingerprints are assumed, searched for, found, captured, and then matched with a person. Fingerprints in these television shows routinely are the critical if not the only […]

Faith and a Chinese Lantern

by Pastor Daryl Largis  No one knows where or how the Holy Spirit (God’s wind) blows but are we willing to be carried along softly by it such that we are in the right place at the right time? Where is God’s gentle breeze carrying you today? Carrying us?  Are we willing to fill the […]

When Life Throws the Curve . . .

by Pastor Daryl Largis In baseball the game is relatively simple, hit the ball in such a way that you can score more runs than the opposing team. So, one object of the game is to keep the other team from hitting the ball and getting on base by playing good defense and pitching the […]

FOR Leadership vs. FROM Leadership

by Pastor Daryl Largis Many of us, especially those who are new to leadership, as in leading others for the first time, might think they have arrived in terms of leadership. It is easy for us once in a place of leadership to think we are done working for the place of leadership and now […]