Who is the Servant of the Lord?

by Pastor Daryl Largis Have you ever asked yourself the following question: Who is a servant of the Lord? We might be persuaded to say that it is a person working fulltime in ministry in a local church in some capacity. Surely, they would be a servant of the Lord, if anybody was such a […]

EBOLA Food Program Update

by Pastor Daryl Largis I wanted to take this opportunity, as we turn the corner on a New Year, to give an update related to the Ebola Crisis in Western Africa, specifically Sierra Leone where we as The Chapel family have many friends.  As was mentioned during our services around Thanksgiving of 2014 and in […]

EBOLA Must Be Stopped

by Pastor Daryl Largis Discovered in 1976 after 284 people died, this terrible disease has continued to emerge sporadically in places throughout Africa. However, nothing previously has even come close to the current crisis facing Western Africa. The present breakout, that is still active and in many places expanding, has infected more than 8,000 and […]

Perspectives . . .

by Pastor Daryl Largis Often we find ourselves involved so much in our own happenings that we forget to consider what is happening in the world in which we live. Sure, we watch the news and follow a Twitter feed but at the end of the day our gaze can become more and more short-sighted. […]

Age of Pandemics

by Pastor Daryl Largis Do you remember last year at this time?  2013 for many of us is a distant and ever-fading memory especially as the light of the events of today grows stronger.  Even so, I think it is worthwhile to reflect upon where the world was last year at this time for in […]

God-sized Problems in the World Today

by Pastor Daryl Largis It seems as though the world is experiencing more and more distress which has produced deeper and deeper points and places of humanitarian crisis. Interestingly, it also seems these current crises are caused more by man than by nature at the moment. That may be and given history will only be […]

Kingdom Come Weekend | October 18-19, 2014

By Pastor Daryl Largis An exciting event is coming this fall. In fact, it will be the eighth such occasion hosted by The Chapel. It is Kingdom Come Weekend! This is a weekend you might be familiar with where many, if not most, of our ministry partners visit The Chapel. This gives all those who […]

Sierra Leone | Dominican Republic | Haiti

By Pastor Daryl Largis Where to begin?  There is much to give time to and praises for – far too much to be captured in a brief article. However, I will touch on a few highlights of recent weeks that I think you will find encouraging, enlightening, and perhaps even stir you to action. The […]

God’s Economy for Leadership

By Pastor Daryl Largis I recently attended and was subsequently certified as a consultant on some state-of-the-art methodology for assessing and developing leaders, employees, and students. While there is much I could say about this training, let me summarize it by stating the potential for it to help our partners, be they local or global, […]

Walking Alongside of . . .

By Pastor Daryl Largis As a ministry that is connected broadly in this region, we have the privilege and opportunity to see and discuss many things related to what God is doing. There are amazing people—men and women and even children pursuing God in their own context which would be difficult for you or I […]