Transformation Mongolia | The Battle of the Kingdoms!

by Axel Fischer

Mongolia was once the biggest Kingdom of this earth, but today it is a developing Nation striving to get back on its feet.

To reach success some Mongolians seek within their roots the secret power of Genghis Khan, others seek the money matrix of modern materialism, while others are so devastated and about to give up. However it is obvious, we live in a battle of the Kingdom of this World and the Kingdom of God.  And God’s Kingdom is winning, even with weak and imperfect people!

Deggi, a young, pretty lady, studied fashion design in Ulaanbaatar. She came from the countryside, where she heard the gospel and received Jesus as her Savior in one of our daughter churches.  She was athletic and talented in soccer. She eventually even became a coach of our Christian soccer club, and served the Lord and supported our ministries in Ulaanbaatar.  But the “enemy” undermined her and she turned more and more away from church, and began to go with the flow of this world. Until one night she realized that she had lost her most precious friends, values, and calling. She fell to her knees, cried, and prayed, pleading with God that He may give her another chance, and even an opportunity to go into missions, something she had promised God a long time ago.

On that day we received a call for help from one of the provinces. The church needed staff support, someone for youth ministries if possible, and best would be a soccer coach. One of our pastors, who didn’t have a clue what Deggi was just going through, felt to give her a call and share with her about this need.

She replied in tears, she came back to church immediately, opened up about everything and restored relationships, being in awe how seriously God had taken her prayer. Now, a few weeks later she is in that province serving the youth as a soccer coach, and knows better than ever before in which Kingdom she going to live and fight for.

Even though we often feel weak and see our limitations through sickness, sin, or lack of finances, it is God who comes in any situation and turns it around, and builds His Kingdom.

At the end of 2014, our main leaders, Pastors Jargal and Duya, had been going through difficult health issues. We prayed. With no direct healing, they searched for doctors and medicine in Ulaanbaatar, but nothing brought any release to their headache and heart issue.  So they traveled to Peking and found a Chinese Inner Mongolian translator in the First City of China. As she was traveling and ministering with them on the way, she was so overwhelmed by God’s love, she turned to the Lord. In Peking they found more Inner Mongolians. They joined together and formed a new house church. Jargal and Duya were fine after they returned. Now a few months later, Jargal and Duya are back on the road to Peking to serve this new house church which already has about 10 new members.

“Falling forward, and fulfilling a vision, 100 churches in Mongolia by 2020!”