Ukraine | Ministry Update from Jesse and Bria Pohle, MissionGO

From December 14 through January 13, Jesse and Bria Pohle, MissionGO, were back in Ukraine where they spent the Christmas and New Year holidays with Bria’s family! In addition to spending time with the Blessing family, on January 3, they boarded a train headed for the war zone in eastern Ukraine to spend Ukrainian Orthodox Christmas (January 7) with the fighting men and women there. During their five days in the east, they visited around 500 armed servicemen and women, most of whom are putting their lives on the line every single day. Each one heard the Good News of Jesus Christ, and were left with the Word of God. Jesse and Bria are also thrilled to report that they left them all in the very capable, grace-filled hands of gospel-believing chaplains. The seeds that were planted are continuing to be cultivated day in and day out!

For a brief video update highlighting their time in the war zone, please click this link.

Please remember to pray for these brave men and women fighting for their nation’s freedom so that the seeds of the gospel would take root, grow, and bear much fruit!