Volunteer Opportunities at Journey’s End Refugee Services

Many families seeking refuge in the USA arrive in Buffalo on a regular basis and need assistant in becoming a part of our community. There are wonderful opportunities to serve our local international community through Journey’s End Refugee Services. Here are a few of their most needed volunteer positions:

School Moms: Part of a team available periodically to take children and their parents to the child’s first day of school in Buffalo, help them get school supplies, and help them understand the afternoon bus stop. This requires a car and morning availability, training available.

Housing Team: Available to help with apartment set ups, sometimes on short notice (team will all be asked). Can help lift furniture, do basic apartment cleaning, and keep track of items on a checklist. Most set ups occur between 10am-2pm weekdays.

Home Tutor: Paired with a client who can’t attend ESL classes, you’ll meet with them in their home to tutor them in English and assist in self-sufficiency. Clients with this request are usually mothers with children who can’t leave the house to go to English classes. Good opportunity for families to do together, usually daytime availability.

Front Desk Receptionist: Volunteer available for the same three hours every week to cover the front desk. A front desk volunteer does three things: assists people who come to the window, answers and directs incoming telephone calls, and does small paperwork tasks as requested by other staff (when not absorbed in the first two tasks). Recruiting ONLY for Monday morning, Tuesday morning, and Thursday afternoon shifts currently.

Medical Advocate: Brings clients to medical appointments and either takes them back home or shows them the bus to get home. Is trained thoroughly on boundaries of confidentiality and can explain their role’s limitations to medical personnel. Usually daytime availability, but could include transportation to RHA appointments in the evenings if schedule works.

For information on these and other opportunities, please contact Scott Matheny, Director of Development, Journey’s End Refugee Services, smatheny@jersbuffalo.org or 716 867-4867.