What does God want for Haiti and the Dominican Republic?

Daryl Largis, Co-Pastor for Mission Advancement

I recently had the privilege to meet with a group of ministry leaders and discuss this question. This question on one hand seems simple but the more you think about it the more you begin to feel the weight of it. What does God want for these two countries who sit just off the coast of the USA in the Caribbean? He wants the same there as He does here, that every man, woman and child would have repeated opportunities to hear, to see, to experience, to respond to the gospel of Jesus Christ and then not have to go anywhere to grow in that faith. We spent the better part of two days understanding what God has done, is doing and is positioning to do in the future. It was sobering to hear and to think in these terms knowing the magnitude of the task but yet understanding the power and simplicity of the gospel. While many of us are familiar with the physical needs in both countries, it was incredibly refreshing to know that God’s people, His Church, under the Lordship of Jesus Christ is there. Furthermore, His global Church, of which we are a part along with others, desires to come alongside the indigenous church to help it accomplish what God wants. I was reminded of the beauty, the potential and the strength of the Church, Christ’s body, when we work together as God intended.

One of the ministries at the table was Summit Church (summitlife.com) in Florida with whom we have done much nationally and globally. We will be working with them in Haiti and in the Dominican Republic in the future. In fact, both The Chapel and Summit recently had people on the same team serving in Haiti.  It is great to be connected to a church with the same “missional DNA.”  Also, at the table was a ministry called Love Serves (loveserves.org). They are in the Dominican Republic. While this was only our second in-depth conversation with them, it was apparent that they too share a conviction to reach their nation. In addition, they are connected into 29 of the 31 state providences in the Dominican Republic which is exciting given the potential for the gospel to be proclaimed! The other entity at the table was Mission of Hope Haiti (www.mohhaiti.org). Much has been said about them recently and we are thankful that God has brought them into our midst.

As a result of this meeting we collectively, that is the ministries mentioned above, agreed to begin to take intentional and tangible steps. Once one understands, “What does God want?”, the next question to ask and answer is, “What would it look like if He did what He wanted?” This is now the question we will be asking and answering. I am going to begin that process in late June in Haiti by working with MOH and some of the key ministry leaders in their network. We are in the process of setting up some time with the leadership of Love Serves early this fall in the DR to explore next steps. In sum, it is exciting to say the least!

Another aspect as to why I am excited about this particular conversation and the ones to come is that this, if the LORD allows, enables us as a local expression of His Church to participate in things specifically and nationally. The teams and people we will send to Haiti and the Dominican Republic in the future will be making a difference in that specific place at that specific time. Also, they will eventually be tied to and part of a national vision to see the entire country, the entire island saturated with the reality of the gospel through the indigenous church. Now, that is exciting! Please continue to be in prayer for the Church and its leadership in Haiti and in the Dominican Republic.  Also, be in prayer for how you can best support this effort. Perhaps, you are next to go and make a difference personally in one of these places.