What is a Faith Promise

Kingdom Come is the primary way for us to facilitate, catalyze, develop, and leverage partnerships with other like-minded entities and people for the sake of the gospel locally, regionally, nationally, and globally. It is a “faith” venture meaning by faith we trust God to provide additional resources so that when He does, we will give it to Kingdom Come, over and above our normal giving.

Over the past several years, The Chapel has experienced God working in some very unique ways and has been privileged to join Him in what He is doing around the world. By faith much has been given and in turn invested in the Kingdom all over the world, resulting in the gospel being heard, seen, demonstrated, and experienced by thousands upon thousands of people needing just that. We have tangibly participated globally in numerous church plants, ministry expansion projects, clean water initiatives, anti-human trafficking efforts, as well as invested in Christian education, and caring for widows and orphans.

Please prayerfully consider what, by faith, you feel God is asking you and perhaps your family to commit to in 2016. What can you expect to experience as a result of participating in Kingdom Come? In a word: faith. Without it, we cannot please God. Our collective faith gets stretched, tested, and ultimately fulfilled when we take tangible steps trusting in God. In a word: blessed. It is a blessing to be used by God to demonstrate His goodness, generosity, and graciousness in this world especially with others for others. In a word: maturity. When we by faith trust God and begin to live and breathe in that, we mature spiritually speaking and thereby grow more spiritual fruit in our lives individually and corporately.

To learn more, please join us at The Chapel on January 24, 2016—we look forward to seeing you there!