What is Kingdom Come?

Kingdom Come…almost everyone who has spent some time here at The Chapel has heard of Kingdom Come. In fact, it’s hard to miss the mural over the main worship center doors that reads, “On mission to ensure that every man, woman and child have repeated opportunities to hear and see the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” This statement is more than just words. It defines us as a church, indeed it’s in our very DNA, this commitment to join God on His mission—The Missio Dei to reach every man, woman and child with the message of hope in His Son, Jesus Christ. We corporately and individually demonstrate the tangible reality of being on mission with God each day in giving of our time, talents, and treasures whenever and wherever because where His people go, God goes.

Recognizing that we are just beginning to taste all that God has called us to accomplish, we continue to see Him graciously bring us further along on the journey. Needless to say, we are excited about the future! Our hearts are strengthened and encouraged as we see more of The Chapel family engage in Kingdom Come and as we see fruit from previous investments.

More specifically, The Chapel has seen God’s faithfulness as He continues to do amazing things in and through others and as a result, expansion has followed in many areas at home and abroad. We are truly blessed to have opened The APEX, an extension of our CrossPoint Campus, and The Chapel at Lockport! Both enable us to invest more effectively in the lives of those that call The Chapel home and to build stronger relationships into these communities at large. Looking back as well as around us today, God’s activity in the lives of people is visibly evident at all of our campuses, church plants and ministry partners. God is moving in some unique ways in this region, which is a tremendous blessing for us to play a small yet important part.

In addition, our global efforts continue to widen while at the same time deepen in that they are becoming more focused in places like the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Argentina, Sierra Leone and many parts of Asia. We are also key facilitators of Global Fellowship. Years in the making, this ministry is purposed to help like-minded churches, predominantly in the United States, connect with and support indigenous ministries and leaders globally who have a call to a nation. Thereby accomplishing together the very things we are attempting to do here locally and regionally and that is to ensure every man, woman and child has immediate access on repeated occasions to hear and see the gospel. Our spirits rejoice knowing that the vision we so passionately believe in at The Chapel is being lived out through others not only at home but also all over the globe. Thousands of people have been and continue to be impacted with and by the gospel locally, regionally, nationally and globally. Truly we are blessed and even more so as we serve others on the same mission.

God never intended one local expression of His church to be all and do all. This would be an incomplete picture of the body. Accordingly, the body of Christ is global and we are but a small part, playing a distinct role. That role is to lead as necessary, encourage as appropriate, equip as needed, serve as able and give as required. Perhaps some see this as a role for The Chapel as a whole, and to some extent they are correct. However, this role has a place for everyone. If you have not to this point found yourself engaged in Kingdom Come, I encourage you to do so. How you ask? By faith! It is by faith we continue on this journey and perhaps you need to ask God to broaden and deepen your faith in this regard. As followers of Christ we are called to invest our lives in the things of God for His glory. My hope and prayer is that you allow Him to do so in your life. God’s mission is immense, and we, individually as well as corporately, have a vital role to play in it. It‘s incomplete without each of us actively participating!

May God bless your relationship with Him. He is at work, a work that we are endeavoring to support to the best of our ability which requires all of us. Thank you for your prayers and your commitment to enabling The Chapel to be fuel to the redemptive mission of God in this world.