What is New York State’s largest city after New York City?

The first permanent settlers in what was once known as “Buffalo Creek” (later shortened to Buffalo), built a log cabin trading post to trade with the Native Americans in 1759, near the mouth of a creek with the same name. Being located on Lake Erie, and with the completion of the Erie Canal in 1825, which connected Lake Erie to the Hudson River, Buffalo grew rapidly to become the second largest city in New York State. Due to the industry that sprang up in need of laborers, it rapidly became a city of immigrants as Polish, Italian, German, and Irish workers moved in, bringing their families, traditions, and culture. Buffalo became known for its “blue collar” way of thinking.

Buffalo, NY is rich in history, from several presidential connections, to world famous architects, and to being a gateway to freedom in Canada for the Underground Railroad.

Today, Buffalo also offers a variety of colleges and universities, a zoo, art gallery, and of course, the Buffalo Bills football team. No game would be complete without pizza and Buffalo Wings!